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Adult Pottery Classes & Clay Work-Shops

In Search of Expression with Clay

Clay Expression single session pottery wheel throwing & clay hand-building class designed for those with no ceramic experience


The Clay Adventure begins

4 sessions hand-building or Wheel throwing pottery classes for those to understand the limitless shape shifting of clay


Journey of Ceramic Inspiration

10 sessions Ceramic course designed for a journey of exploring pottery wheel throwing and clay hand-building techniques


Experience the Next Level Pottery

Intermediate & Advance Pottery Class on Wheel Throwing and Hand-Building by Clay Expression to create ceramics art of beauty


Exploring new frontiers clay workshops

Clay Expression group adventure exploration ceramic workshops designed for; Events or Corporate Extra Curriculum activities

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Junior's Pottery Classes & Clay Work-Shops

Registration is now open

Pottery WORKSHOP for Kids is a group class for children 16 to 19 years old individual or group to have a chance to learn to work with clay using hand building techniques.

Duration of workshop: 1.15 hours

Class times: Every 4th Saturday of the month from 12pm to 1.15pm


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