Clay Expression
The Art & Craft of Expressing Passion with Clay
Seramik Kraftangan Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, PJ


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Let junior be inspired
with creative vision...

And they will soon be making stunning works of clay art...

Of their own design by transforming clay into objects of inspiration...

  Kid's pottery classes
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I sit next to my child during classes?

No, because the child can be distracted from
the learning process.

both "Mom or Dad" can sign-up together for the hand-building or wheel throwing and join in with your kids during their clay lessons.


Kid's Clay Classes
& WorkShops

Nurturing the thinking child
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Kid's Works Gallery 
Kids pottery workshops every 4th Saturday

Hand build
ceramic Tea Pot

Kid's hand build

clay mosaic
Kid's Assembled
Clay Mosaic

Kid's hand build
painted ceramic Bowl

Please contact us if you need more info
mail us:

Q. What's the duration per class?

A. 1 hour

Q. Where can I get the junior class’s time schedule?

Please Call

Q. Will my child make an item each week?

No. Some projects may require 2 or more
lessons to complete.

Q. When can I collect my child’s art work?

A. 3 weeks from the completion date because
the clay pieces are required to go through a
drying and firing process.

Q. Can my child makes whatever they want?

A. Yes, but it also depends on the course work.


 What type of courses do you have for kids?

There are 2 different courses for children.

a) Junior Clay Builders Course – The emphasis
is on development of the child’s mental and
physical ability.

b) Creative Clay Class – the emphasis is on fun and creating work of ceramic art.

Clay crafting is a great way for children to build, develop and allow them to give voice to complex dreams and visions--to create irresistible ceramics of beauty.

Certification upon completing a JCB course module

Happy moments...
"Creating together"...
Family bond

Come and join your kids workshops while...
Mom & Dad is on a journey of self-discovery with on wheel throwing or hand building.

It's never too early or too late to start... Transforming clay into objects of inspiration.

You have dreams
for your children...

Clay Expression
Helps your child transform their dreams
and vision into objects of
inspiration with clay.

What will my child make every week?

A. There will be a different topics every week, examples are: ceramic animal coin box, ceramic wind chime assembling, clay hand building, etc.

Q. Can classes be replaced?

A. No, if your child has signed up for the JCB course

Q. Can I leave my kids at the shop after class while I do more shopping?

Yes, there will be an additional charge of RM20 per hour for baby sitting. 

Q. I need more information?
You are welcomed to contact us


Art is Knowledge...
Imagination knows no bound in a child's creative piece of clay art.


Clay Expression Helps transform dreams & vision into objects of inspiration with clay

How do I sign up for Pottery Class for group or individual?
Just Call for an appointment or for more information or visit our pottery studio



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Any suggestions or feed-back, please drop us a note

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