Clay Expression
The Art & Craft of Expressing Passion with Clay
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Children's Works of Visions & Dreams...

A potter kneading clay laboriously moulds every vessel for our use...

Giving voice to complex dreams and visions of irresistible ceramics art of beauty.

Junior Hand build
glazed ceramic aroma burner


"There are two ways of being creative. One can sing and dance.
Or one can create an environment in which singers and dancers can flourish".
Warren Gameliel Bennis, a scholar and Distinguished Professor of University of Southern California.


Kid's Clay Classes
& WorkShops

Nurturing the thinking child
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Kids pottery workshops every 4th Saturday
We have our own dreams and inspirations...

We believe in bringing our visions to life!

Kid working on hand building clay pottery
My inspirations...

Our creations...

Glazed ceramic vase Created by Junior potter

Junior potter hand build
Glazed ceramic coin box

Junior potter Glazed
hand build ceramic jug



Hand build Nature inspired ceramic frog by Junior potter


.A feast for the eyes...

Junior clay ceramist hand building

Junior potter
Sculptured clay figurine

Painted ceramic coin
box by Junior potter

Junior Potter hand-building
clay figurine

My vision...

PaPa MaMa...

Your heart...
your mind...

I want so much
to touch...

You and I
I Love you both so much...

What our destiny
has in store...

We shall share
forever more...

Show me that you
will always care...

Together, we will
always belong...

My Vision..
My dreams...
and creation...
to treasure forever.


Hand Build Vase

Hand Build Mug

Hand Build Burner

Hand Build Bowl

Clay Figurine

Hand Build Bowl

Ceramic Coin Box

Hand Build Cup


Hand Build Jug

Glass Mosaic

Clay Puppet

Ceramic Painting

Ceramic tea pot

Pottery Plate

Ceramic Bowl

Ceramic Tea Pot

Clay Expression - Helping your kids Transform
Their dreams, visions and inspirations to life!



Only some
can see my vision
and dreams
of my creations...
and the magic that lies...

Those who open
their hearts...
and unlock their mind...

Will see beauty
where my treasure lies...

A place where not
many know...
and few dare to go...

A mother gift from the heart... happy moments frozen in time.
Happy moments... Universal romantic icon of love -- quality time with your kids "Mom & Dad" joining in on a journey of self discovery.

Family bond "creating together"...

It can be abstract, even odd shape and modern with bulky eyes.

Creating Memories that Last forever...


Kid hand build, pinch, coil,
painted & glazed ceramic coin box

Ceramic Puppet Coin Box

Ceramic Ash Tray

Glazed Ceramic Tea Pot

Wheel thrown ceramic
aroma burner

Ceramic aroma Burner

  A Piece of Living Clay

I took a piece of raw clay...
And idly fashioned it one day. And as my fingers pressed it still It moved and yielded to my will.

I came again when days were past, The piece of clay was hard at last; the form I gave it still it bore... And I could change that form no more.

I took a piece of living clay,

And gently formed it day by day;
And moulded it with imagination art...
A young child's soft and yielding heart.

I came again when years were gone... It was a woman I looked upon;

The form I gave her still she bore
And I could change that from no more.

Creating Memories that Last forever...


Ceramic aroma burner

Pinch, coil, slab hand
build clay flower basket

Pinch, coil, clay flower vase

Press Mould
Glazed Ceramic Bowl


Clay Expression Helps transform dreams & vision into objects of inspiration with clay

How do I sign up for Kid's Clay Pottery Class for group or individual?
Just Call for an appointment or for more info or visit our pottery studio



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