Clay Expression
The Art & Craft of Expressing Passion with Clay
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Kid's Creative
Clay Group Workshop

for Age 6 to 19 years old with a verity of clay projects

Pottery WORKSHOP For Kids - is a group class for children to have a chance to learn to work with clay using hand building techniques.

A great way for kids to build and develop better motor skills, learn to use their hands to handle different tools, crafting technique that helps to boost creativity & self-confidence.


Enriching lessons... Learning ceramics by crafting and transforming clay into objects of inspirations

Kid's Creative Clay group workshop - 1.25 hour of non-stop fun packed with great activities for juniors age 6 to 15 years old. (Minimum 6 Kids required for group parties).
  • Hand building - Pinching 
    Most basic of hand building. Learn to prepare clay and understand the basics of working with clay.
  • Hand building - Press Mold
    Learn how clay can take its form from other existing objects.
  • Hand building - Slab
    Learn to join clay pieces together to form angled pieces.
  • Hand building - Coils
    Learn to from organic shapes through making coils.

How do I sign up for an hour of fun kid's clay group workshop?Just Contact us for more info or
visit our pottery studio



We have our own dreams and vision...
You see things and say:
We dream things that never were
and say: Why not?

Kid's Clay Group Workshop

An hour of non-stop fun packed with great activity for kids and Juniors age 6 to 15 years old with a verity of clay projects.

Clay crafting is a great way for children to build, develop and create irresistible ceramics of beauty that give voice to complex dreams and visions.


  We believe in our creative vision and inspiration.
Creating Memories that Last forever...

My Creation...
When it comes to creativity! Mum & Dad could get some new ideas.... from me!

Our Creations...
Moulding clay help us to develop good touch senses, shaping, creating textures and improves creative skills.


Kid working on hand building clay pottery
My inspiration...
Hand building allows me to learn and understand the basics of working with clay.

Junior clay ceramist hand building
My Vision...

soft clay by hand allow
me to express my creativity and
transform it into inspiring objects.

Moulding clay help a child to develop good touch senses, shaping, creating textures, and improves the child’s creative skills.

Let your child feel that they have a choice and some control over their learning. This will help them feel valued and empowered.

Support your child even if you are not too interested in the subject yourself.

Do not belittle their choice of subject for curiosity. The process of learning and finding information is more important than the content.

My Expression...
I believe in bringing my dreams to life. This is my expression.



Monica's birthday is a couple of weeks away and she is asking for a party just like her friends had but there isn't $1,000.00 in the budget to make her dreams come true. What does a thrifty parent do?

Let's look at some possibilities.

Start by counting the number of kids that are likely to attend. Many of your expenses will be priced 'per child' so you'll need an idea of how many kids will join in your kid celebration.

Plan for the highest number that may be attending, this way your estimated expenses will be on the high side and you may want to downscale the party.

It's better to expect your expenses to be 30% higher now, this way, if you don't like it you can pursue other options rather than being hit with a high bill later and no choices.

You'll want to start thinking of where to hold the party. Think of places or things that kids like; are your child adventurous, creative or highly active. Of course, not all of them are cheap but you won't know until you pick up the phone and ask.

When you call you'll want to know what's the charge per child is. Some places may have a minimum charge, find out what's included in their price like free drinks or other food? Are you allowed to bring your own cake, food or drinks. 

Partying at home. In some cases this may be the cheapest. It wouldn’t hurt to compare costs but when you add up food, drinks, cake, party favors and entertainment you could end up spending more.

  Kid's Clay Group Workshop

An hour of non-stop fun packed with great activity for kids and Juniors age 5 to 15 years old with a verity of clay projects.

They will learn pottery making, wheel throwing, clay hand building, ceramics painting, decal, Ceramic Wind Chime Making, Assembling Glass Mosaic, Clay Mosaic Making and......

Lots of ceramics activities to keep junior busy so that they can develop finer motor skills, improve hand and eye coordination, as well as enhance their creativity through handling different types of clay.

Unleash your children creativity!
They will soon be making stunning works
of art of their own design by transforming clay into objects of inspiration.

I believe in bringing my dreams to life.

This is my expression.

This is me.

Home party live entertainment may not be as expensive as you might think. By checking around you may find someone who moonlights as a comedian or magician. Many part-timers are very affordable and will provide a lot of smiles per dollar.

Enjoyable entertainment for your kid party may cost very little if you check around; perhaps your friends or family members can arrange for a public tour with the cola or pastry factory; the local Bomba fire station can be very enjoyable plus educational for the kids, proceed by a pizza party at home.

Timing for your kid’s party is also important. Many places that host kid’s parties are busiest on weekends that cost more. You'll get a much better deal if you can schedule your party for week days. Think creatively.

My wife discovered a ceramics studio that gave kids clay classes. Better than that, they also host kid's clay parties for a reasonably low price; each child can have their own selective choice of unpainted ceramic items that they can take home for remembrance.

The group workshop at "Clay Expression" was an hour of fun with great pottery's activities and a verities of clay projects for every child to work with clay.

The pottery studio even allowed us to provide our own cake and drinks. The ceramics clay party was a success. None of the kids ever had this type of party before and they loved it - it was their favorite party.

Most important of all; the cost was reasonable and it was a hit with Monica, my wife, and I! Don't let the high cost of kid's birthday parties get you down. Worse yet, don't let it turn you into a miser.

Sure there are friends who are playing “can you top this”. With a little creative thinking, like most things, it can solve a "thrifty" kids party problem without having to spend a $1,000.00; just some planning with a little research. You can have every one singing "Happy Birthday" without your scowling face in the pictures taken at the party!

Kids hand build natured
inspired glazed ceramic frog

Kids hand made painted glazed ceramic paper clip holder

Kids hand build aroma burner

Nurturing the thinking child...

I have my dreams and vision.
This is my inspiration.
This my expression.
This is me.

Junior potter sculpturing clay

Imagination knows no bounds in a child's creativity. Never underestimate a child creativity and imaginations.

Clay Expression
Helps transform their dreams and visions into objects of inspiration with clay.

How do I sign up for an hour of fun kid's clay group workshop? Just Contact us for more info


The touch of the master's hands

An auction was held in an old music school hall at a small town and Jessica has not visited her old music school since graduating in music from Vienna.

Together with Joann her 9 year old daughter sitting beside her, Jessica was dreamily thinking of the wonderful time she had at her old school when the auctioneer loudly announced; how much will you bid for this Piano?

Jessica heart missed a beat and instinctively griped Joann hands tightly; it reminded her of the same old Piano that captivate her passion for music when she her self was 9 year old studying music there.

The bids came slowly, gradually reached $250 and Jessica heart missed another beat as the auctioneer at the top of his voice; any more bid; setting to thump the gavel to complete the sale.

9 year old Joann got up, walk over, tug on the coat of the auctioneer, he bend down and Joann whispered into his ear for a short time and the auctioneer nod his head in approval.

Joann walked to the old Piano, sat down, made herself comfortable, dust-off the Piano keys with her handkerchief and began playing the most beautiful serenading melody that the folks at small town had ever heard.

As she finished, she closed the Piano keys cover and went back to seat beside her proud mother.

The auctioneer walked up to the microphone and announced... 

"How much will you bid for this magnificent Piano that plays such enchanting music?"

The bidding was fast and furious; finally, the Piano was sold for six thousand dollars.

What's the difference between a dusty old Piano and a child that plays such magnificent serenading music? - The Touch of the master's hands.







How many seconds in a minute?

A teacher was instructing
her class in multiplication and gives the students a problem to solve.

"Now class," she says; we know there are 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a year -- so who can tell me how many seconds there are in a year?"

All the kids look baffled by the question except one little fellow sitting in the back row.

He raises his hand and waves it excitedly, and the teacher points to him. "All right, how many seconds are there in a year?"

"Twelve, ma'am," the little fellow says brightly... "January second, February second, March second .."

"Creativity can solve almost any problem. The creative act, the defeat of habit by originality, overcomes everything." George Lois, author.

Birds and the Bees
An 8-year-old girl went to her dad, who was working in the yard. She asked him, "Daddy, what is sex?"

The father was surprised that she would ask such a question, but decides that if she is old enough to ask the question, then she is old enough to get a straight answer.

He proceeded to tell her all about the "birds and the bees." When he finished explaining, the little girl was looking at him with her mouth hanging open. The father asked her, "Why did you ask this question?"

The little girl replied, "Mom told me to tell you that dinner would be ready in just a couple of secs."


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