Clay Expression
The Art & Craft of Expressing Passion with Clay
Seramik Kraftangan Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, PJ


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Testimonials and Feed-Back

"Clay Expression has been teaching my kids potteries and I found them very experienced in all areas of ceramic arts and have demonstrated their skills needed to work with children of all ages.

After having sent my children to other type of art classes, I found Clay Expression to be the most knowledgeable with the kids best interest in mind.

On a personal level, Clay Expression teachers are of good moral character and take their responsibilities seriously. Based on my experience after working with them; I recommend Clay Expression pottery studio to my friends and family."  Mrs. Jennifer Lim - USJ

Our Creations... Moulding clay help us to develop good touch senses, shaping, creating textures and improves creative skills.

Kid's Clay Classes
& WorkShops

Nurturing the thinking child
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Kids pottery workshops every 4th Saturday

Junior potters using hand building technique for press mold and pinching clay figurine.

Junior potters hand building technique
for slab and coil clay flower basket.

"My daughter Sandra just turned seven and  
has been in various art classes since she  
was five. Clay Expression junior pottery class is a perfect way to allow my Sandra to interact with other children her age.

I am amazed at how much she has learned about pottery art and has continued to learn. Clay Expression provides the perfect mix of play and pottery art that really fine tunes my Sandra coordination and communication skills.

I am happy to have made the right decision for her." Mrs. Govinda - Port Klang


"My children's has been attending clay hand building class for a few months and they gets very excited when it is time for their pottery classes because it give them an outlet to express their natural creativity with clay.

Clay Expression has taught them so much about creativity and they proudly display their are pottery pieces to all their friends at school and home. Pottery classes are such wonderful ways for me to bond with my kids." Mrs. Halima - Shah Alam, Selangor


Junior potters with their hand build clay figurine

Junior potter applying colors to her clay figurine

"My family has taken our kids to classes with various Art Studio.

Since Clay Expression started their pottery art studio, our children has been attending their pottery class and loved every minute since.

My daughter love to create nature inspired artistic ceramics for every day used but her elder brother love to create sculptures inspired by comics books heroes.

Pottery teachers at Clay Expression have been wonderful with our kids and we can't say enough great things about their professional art instructors and art studio.

I highly recommend their pottery art studio to everyone "adult or kids" who are even remotely interested You AND your children will LOVE it!"  Mrs. Wan - PJ, Old Town

"Speaking from a Japanese parent's perspective, Clay Expression pottery Arts Studio is a wonderful experience for children and adult.

The environment in the studio is disciplined yet enjoyable and the ceramic students seem to have a high opinion of, and appreciate one another, no matter the age.

Clay Expression has the knowledge to teach each child at their level best that fits the level of each student or adult involved.

We traveled over 45 minutes to get to Clay Expression from Ampang, Kuala Lumpur and it is worth every minute we spend on the road."  Mrs. Ikako - Japanese Expatiate


"I would like to say that after having tried other art program compared to Clay Expression.

It was totally a different experience for expressing and developing a person art skills.

Clay Expression provides a positive environment for my child to grow and develop his artistic inspiration.

Very child friendly and organized. Well worth my time and money."
Jackie Loh - KL

"Clay Expression is the best pottery studio ever! We love this place! It has the best clay art studio environment and fun too!

They knows how to figure out each individual creativity level and teaches us proper clay technique suitable to our level of inspiration after watching us perform our first clay lesson.

If you want to learn and develop natural creative expression through clay, this place is fabulous... They are really great with kids too!" Amelia Paquette - Pottery student, USA


"I am very impressed with the amount of ceramic art technique they have learned. I now understand that pottery is not about creating a few ceramic pots, cups, vases, or some inspired sculptures and that is it.

At Clay Expression, my kids and I learn the correct way of expressing our "thoughts" with technique through clay hand building, pinching, slab, press mold, coils and "from" 3D clay objects correctly.

Clay Expression makes it fun and we learn from a positive and upbeat attitude. Clay Expression is an incredible pottery studio.

I am so glad I brought our children there and HIGHLY recommend Clay Expression pottery arts studio." Mrs. Graham Seaton


"We found your teachers giving special care so that students not only learn the art of clay, but the fundamentals and proper technique which is all done in a fun and caring environment.

After attending Clay Expression pottery classes, our children's has learned so much artistic expression, made lots of wonderful friends, and has more confidence in expressing themselves."

  "Together with our kid, we live in KL and were fortunate to discover Clay Expression pottery studio from the internet.

We were thrilled and immediately knew that we have the best choice for an art studio where our son could study art.

As parent, we were stunned by the progress of our child artistic skills.

Clay Expression not only teaches their students to perform and excel in ceramics art, but also provides them with the confidence and poise needed to succeed in all areas of artistic skills.

There are other art studios in Kuala Lumpur, but Clay Expression is well worth the time our David spends there." 
Phillip & Susan Lam - Ulu Kelang


A mother gift from the heart... happy moments frozen in time.

Family bond "staying & creating together"... It can be abstract, even odd shape and modern with bulky eyes.

We believe in helping our kid brings his dreams and inspiration to life!

Nurturing the thinking child...

Family bond
Happy moments...
Universal romantic icon of love -- quality time with your kids "Mom & Daughter" making memories that last forever.

Clay Expression
Helps transform dreams and vision into objects of inspiration with clay.


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