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Art & Craft of Passion with Clay

  Baby prints mementos
Your baby prints are
recorded on natural clay


Babies cannot remain babies forever. Babies grow up and parents are only left with the memories of their infancy.


Children are growing
too quickly today, from the time you bring home your baby from the hospital to the time... they are all grown up and left school.


It is such a hectic
busy and frantic time that the memories of joyful time with them simply ends up as just memory.

A clay print keepsake that will capture your child's first touch forever. Every mother wants her baby to remain a baby eternally.


Record your Baby Foot Print
on natural clay


  Remember the first time your baby reaches out to you with his/her little fingers, so soft and gentle. The little feet in your hands feel so tender.

Children are growing up too fast! Making your baby’s hand and foot print on clay is a nice memento to remind you of how tiny your child was at birth.

Maroon color foot clay prints


White color hands plaster prints


color clay foot prints


Yellow color clay foot prints


Blue color print clay foot prints




Clay Expression do house calls within Klang Valley or PJ during confinement or in the maternity ward to mark your baby's first day with you.

Private Parties Minimum requirement: 6 prints (clay or plaster).

Clay Expression can come to your home! All you need to do are to invite all your friends and family members for the special occasion. We will provide everything required to create clay prints of your baby hands or foot.

Pre-school and Kindergarten group clay print sessions are also available.

Baby Handprints and footprints are available in Plaster and Clay as well as various type of baby hand and foot prints products:

Contact us Clay Expression
Pottery Studio. Lot 757, No.5-C, Jalan Subang 3, 47610 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Clay Expression location map to us at Subang Jaya near Giant and Mydin


or Call me:
Cindy Koh at: 012-380-5505

Tel: +6-018-2999054



Follow your heart on a journey
of self-discovery at
Clay Expression
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